Delicious ice cream, served from our stylish 60s inspired GoGo electric freezer carts.

GOGO Icecream provides a fun and exciting way of distributing quality ice cream products to the public from our electric freezer carts and five appetising flavours of ice cream: chocolate, vanilla, blood orange sorbet, mango gelato and non-dairy coconut milk vanilla, in convenient 150ml pre-packaged single servings.



Blood Orange Sorbet


Choc Obsession


Mango Gelato


Vanilla Coconut Milk


Vanilla Supreme


60s Themed icecream carts

A perfect addition to your next event, festival or party.

Event Bookings

Community events

Major events

Private functions

Public Trading

Street trading in high foot traffic areas, such as parks and train stations.


About us

When two groovy ice cream cart gurus dare to dream of delivering tasty cold treats from a motorized freezer on wheels, anything is possible. We believe in creating true customer delight through exceptional ice cream, creative distribution methods and delightful customer service.

Company Profile

Easy. Fun. Fabulous.

Go-Go Theme

We have combined our iconic Gogo Cart with a 1960’s go-go theme. The idea came to us right from the moment we first thought of this business. A perfect theme for the characteristics of our cart which are fun and colourful.

Mobile Freezer

Gogo Cart is a tested and proven mobile freezer that has the appropriate mechanical structure to provide ice cream in public places. Self-powered by a battery; our carts do not require an external power cord to operate.

Positive Vibes

There is no annoying generator noises from our cart. It does not use a generator and does not interrupt the surrounding vibe of the area we are serving. We are registered as mobile food premises at local council and insured for public liability.


What we offer

Ice cream has origins dating back as far as 200 B.C., and since the invention of freezers, it can be found in a variety of different styles and flavours throughout many different cultures. Gogo Icecream offers quality ice cream products to Australian consumers in a fun, innovative and convenient way. All from behind our iconic 1960’s go-go themed Gogo Cart.

Quality Products

Single-serve ice cream and gelato served in 150 ml pre-packaged plastic containers with a label displaying our groovy logo, nutrition values and other required information. Produced by Everest foods.

Distinct Service

With the capacity to carry 600 tubs of our 150ml ice cream containers and over 20kms of driving distance on a single charge, Gogo electric freezer carts are simply amazing.

Ease of Access

We offer an impressive 20 hrs of freezer operating time from one single charge with our carts. That means our tasty treats are freezer cold, direct from our carts to your tummy.

Innovative Design

There is no handwriting decoration, external power cords or taping on our carts. And we do not use extra tables because our unique and innovative design means a Gogo cart can do the job all by itself.

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Gogo Icecream Pty Ltd Headquarters
92 Herbert Street
Northcote, VIC 3070


Directors: Steven Hall & Jesse Choi

Mobile: 0408 386 901

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